It is a blessing to be a part of For the Love’s Ministry, where I can have a decent job and I can supply for my basic needs to be able to keep on going in the midst of difficulties that I can find in life. At this job we read daily devotionals. This is part of the spiritual growth that I found in this place. I am very thankful for this opportunity at For the Love. –Alex Cuy



Alex is a 42 year old man who works at the artisan jewelry business For the Love of Missions started in January 2014. Before Alex started working at For the Love of Missions, he was homeless (Can you imagine being homeless in the garbage dump?), but with the first paycheck he received he was able to rent a room and get off the street. Alex shows incredible focus and attention to detail; he has solved several problems in the artisan process of creating the jewelry. He is always thinking and when he is ready he asks questions.

In June 2014, Alex came to For the Love of Missions and apologized for not being completely truthful on his original job application. He said he did not list all of his education as he thought that it would have prevented him from having the opportunity. He actually has completed the technical portion of his high school education. In Guatemala, at about 16 years old the student moves to a specific focus to complete their high school degree. Alex’s technical degree is in accounting. He was now interested in applying to the public university in Guatemala City to work on an auditing degree.

While he was not able to start when he originally planned, in July 2015 Alex enrolled in the university. Alex recently said, he doesn’t know why For the Love of Missions picked him, but the reason he is now going to the university is because the ministry believed in him.  For the Love of Missions is so proud of him and excited to see how he grows through this new path!


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