The Systemic Context

much-like-a-spider-web-systems-play-a-powerful-rolein-trapping-people-in-material-povertyAlso as we could take a step back, we observed complicated systems affecting many who were often unaware of the effect. In addition to the generational cycles of poverty that each individual and family deals with, there are social, economic, political and spiritual systems which exert powerful, if not always recognized, influences on individuals and the community. One example of this in the Guatemala City garbage dump is the self- concept of the people who live there. Many feel discarded and worthless by the rest of society as they live amongst the society’s literal garbage. However, more than the physical environment, this self worth is reinforced through systems like education and economic systems as many opportunities are closed to those with an address in the community. But this also seems to be reinforced through the spiritual system that has encouraged a hand out mentality that destroys the dignity of the people as many who come to serve actually do for others rather than empower them to do for themselves.

Much like a spider web, systems play a powerful role in keeping people trapped in material poverty.

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