Mentoring Program, Part 1


In addition to the building use supporting the idea of community development, For The Love Of Missions is excited to announce the start of a Mentoring Program in the zone 3 garbage dump community. This mentoring program and all that it entails was developed by three people who grew up in the community. All three people explain the growth they have experienced is a result of someone taking interest in them, investing time, relationship and experience, and encouraging them to pursue higher education outside the community. With the knowledge of what made an impact on transforming their lives, they created this mentoring program to take effect in 2 phases (and will be explained in more detail on Thursday).

This mentoring program’s approach is somewhat different than most because the mentors will be working with the whole family. The goal is to be able to offer additional educational opportunities to the youth (middle and high school aged children) because that age group often drops out of school to help the family financially and/or they start to get pulled into the dangers of gangs and drugs. The mentors see the work with the whole family as instrumental in changing the negative patterns. As they work with the whole family, the youth will additionally be supported to strive for higher education.

The program will take the shape of group activities with all the families together, discipleship meetings with one family at a time, and individual meetings or counseling with specific members of each family. Every family will have different strengths and weaknesses so the mentor will adjust their schedule and plan as they see is needed.

On Thursday, we will explain these activities in more detail.

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