Mentoring Program, Part 2


The first phase started on November 5, 2016 with 8 families. All of these families are known by the mentors as families who have worked to transform the generational cycles of poverty but are still struggling. They are families who want a different future for their children, and are willing to put in time and effort to see that dream realized. Over the next 8-12 months, these families will participate in a combination of life skills education on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, budgeting, and other similar topics and experiences which take the families outside the zone 3 community to things like the movies, a swimming pool, a picnic in the park. Throughout these months, the families are expected to participate in weekly activities with the whole group and discipleship meetings with their assigned mentor.

The second phase will start with the January 2018 school year and continue the discipleship meetings with the entire family, but it will add the additional support of scholarships to middle and high schools outside the community. The supplies, fees, uniforms and tuition to these schools are out of the reach of families in the zone 3 community. However, For the Love of Missions will work with the schools to bring the cost down to an amount that is feasible for the family. This will be a family by family process as each has a different budget. Please note, that while For the Love of Missions in conjunction with the school could offer full scholarships, we have learned the multifaceted danger to the dignity of the family and the community when there is no expectation of contribution to the growth of the family members. Depending on the needs of the youth and the family, the mentors may shift their focus to the youth and their school work, helping with tutoring or specific areas of focus.

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