Introducing Javier


Javier Ordonez designs and makes items out of leather and jade. He is married with three children. He and his wife own a small enterprise that employs 5 people in addition to themselves. He previously worked with jade but after a recession in which there were no sales for three months, he combined his jade work with leather experience from his childhood family. He is an artist so designing bags came easily to him. He and his wife started the business seven years ago. Currently his products are sold in twelve shops in Antigua, five in Panajachel, one in Peten and one in the United States.

When we first met Javier he explained that the business is weak in their facilities. The building where they work needs repairs, they need better equipment, and to build up a supply of raw materials to have on hand. He explained he did not have the collateral to apply for a loan from a Guatemalan bank, and he was wary of the high interest rate he would be charged because of that.

For the Love of Missions is so excited that Javier has received the first business loan from For the Love of Missions. The improvement to his business can already be seen in just a few months.

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