Mentoring Program- Dignity grows through experience


Since the mentoring program began in November, the families have been looking forward to going to a restaurant during the holidays. For many, this trip will be their first experience going to a table dining restaurant. In preparation for the experience, they spent a few hours learning the proper etiquette for using silverware and table manners.

The mentors explained while this seems like a simple experience, it is growing the dignity of each of the people involved. They are learning a useful skill as far as silverware and table manners in addition to the self-worth that comes from being able to go somewhere that has been out of reach to this point. Also being able to experience something that is different from daily life will stretch and encourage everyone to see that there is more to the world than what they have experienced so far.

To provide some additional context, the mentors (who all grew up in the same garbage dump community as these families) shared how when they were in school as children, they would hear someone talking about going to a restaurant and then feel badly because they had never been. This program provides that dignity growing opportunity.

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