The Power of Play

In this video you see families in our mentoring program playing together. Every family we talked to is thankful for the Saturday activities because they take their minds off their everyday problems. The mentors have multiple purposes for the Saturday activities they plan. One is they want to take the families out of their every day environment of the garbage dump to experience life in a different way. Another goal is they want the families to bond and learn to encourage each other and work together. You can see the benefits of achieving these two goals in this video by watching the families playing a simple game together in this video.

When we see difficult and dangerous places as places of play not just places of battle, we begin to see the potential God has in mind for His world. This is another mindset For the Love of Missions tries to adopt. When we view cities as playgrounds we see abundance and potential, but when we view them as battlegrounds, we see scarcity and competition. Pay attention to how you view the world around you. Can you see the beauty of play in everyday life, even when things are complicated and challenging?


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