Mission Trips – Vision Trips

For the Love of Missions takes a different approach to mission trips than many organizations. In fact, we actually think of mission trips as vision trips, but even this term is not what you might think. We have heard of vision trips being an opportunity for people to travel and “catch the vision” of the organization they are traveling with. While yes we do expect that to happen to some extent on our trips, that is not exactly what we mean by vision trips.

The goal of Vision Trips with For the Love of Missions is to expand the vision of the traveler. To create an opportunity to see and experience God, missions, culture, poverty and serving in a paradigm shifting way. Since we approach our mission from a different angle, we explain the what, why, and how that lead us to that different approach. We hope the result of your trip experience is that your understanding of God and His world would be radically expanded and that you would allow that understanding to transform your life and how you serve.

If you are interested in going on a vision trip in 2017, contact us ASAP. The team rosters will be closed in just a few days. Contact: oconnor98@yahoo.com or shannonmarciano@yahoo.com.


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