Introducing Popabaj

Welcome to Popabaj, a small village of 11 families in the mountains near Lake Atitlan. When For the Love’s friend Hugo first found this village, the families were in a dire situation, no food and no prospects of food. Hugo knew this was a situation that needed immediate relief and responded appropriately. He also knew that there were some basic needs that needed to be addressed before development could start. For the Love of Mission participated in planting gardens, purchasing animals, installing stoves, latrines and water filters, and administering parasite treatments.

From this slideshow, you can see some the results of this work which put the village on the path of improved health. You can also see the village still has many needs. For the Love of Missions will be learning to walk the path between relief and development in this village.  We don’t want to create a dependence or paternal relationship with this village by constantly bringing and giving and building for this community but there continues to be considerable needs that will make growth and development difficult.

For the Love of Missions is excited to support a weekly community center project in this village. Once a week Rosita, a woman who grew up in a similar village, will come to the community. She will teach cooking and nutrition, build relationships with the women, work on early intervention activities with the little children, and start to teach health and wellness topics. Out of this group, we expect growth and stability and a good assessment of what the community needs and can contribute to their development.

For the Love of Missions is also sending our business mentor to this community once a month to build relationships and explore possible ways to mobilize assets in the village to begin to bring income to the families.

This will be a journey of learning, as all that we do are, but we are excited to see how God leads and guides our steps. Join us in prayer for this community.


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