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The small village of Popabaj has become an incredible opportunity for us to walk with God discerning the difference between relief and development. Until just 2 years ago, no one outside the community had been there in 40 years. There were no outside resources, ideas, opportunities, or influence. This community was in a chronic situation of material poverty. Development is the proper response to chronic poverty so For the Love of Missions invested in the weekly community center, where Rosita and Ana teach and engage with the women of this village. However, we are also seeing serious material problems that if not addressed, will continue to prohibit growth in this community. A lack of adequate shelter [this community is on the top of a mountain so is exposed to the wind and rain] and a lack of healthy food and vitamins has created a rocky foundation for development. For the Love of Missions is working in conjunction with the local leaders, very aware of not creating dependency, to stabilize that foundation so that the work of discipleship and economic opportunities that we are also investing in has a chance to take root and grow strong.


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