Moving Forward

Join us in praying for the next steps of development in Popabaj. Now that much of the crisis living situation in Popabaj has stabilized, we are prayerfully exploring the next steps. The next steps are investing in the skills and abilities that already exist in the community which will move them toward long term development, sustainable income and educational opportunities.

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Stumbling Blocks to Success

The Guatemala City garbage dump community can be a challenging place for middle school and high school students. There are a lot of a distractions and pulls away from the school path. Sometimes the distraction of not having what is needed to complete an assignment becomes a discouragement to continue in school. The mentors knew this when they designed the learning center. They wanted to make sure the students receiving scholarships had the computers, resources, supplies and tutoring needed to succeed in school. The learning center was created to remove as many stumbling blocks to the success of these students as possible.


Creative Potential

The Bible tells us that humans are created in the image of God. It is easy to see that God is creative, just look at His creation from the earth to the intricacies of the human body. So if we are created in the image of God and God is creative, then we are created creative. Every one of us is created creative.

The implications of this idea are profound and empowering for people living in material poverty. If every person, even those in material poverty, are created creative, then each of us have been created with unique gifts, skills and talents to impact our lives and God’s Kingdom around us. While there are many challenges in communities of material poverty, we have to believe that the people who live there often have the creative potential to positively impact their community. Creative problem solving does not rest only on those not living in material poverty.

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