Relief and Development

Often on short term mission trips, visitors experience material poverty and it feels like a crisis situation because it is so different from what their living situation is. For the people living in material poverty, their situation is most likely a chronic situation and not a crisis situation. This is why understanding the difference between […]

Vision Trips

For the Love of Missions is starting to plan our 2018 Vision Trips. We are calling Mission Trips Vision Trips because our trips are more than a mission trip. When you travel with us to Guatemala, your vision of mission, poverty alleviation, God, His work in the world, and His work in your own life […]

Javier’s Jade Work

The beautiful jade used on Javier’s leather bags takes care and attention to detail to cut, polish and create the right piece for each finished product. This video shows a quick snapshot of the process each piece goes through. Javier is an entrepreneur in Antigua, Guatemala. He has been able to improve his products because […]

Social Entrepreneurship

Javier is an entrepreneur in Guatemala. For the Love of Missions is pursuing social entrepreneurship to further our mission of Transforming Generational Cycles of Poverty to Ignite Hope and Value in the Name of Jesus. Social entrepreneurship can broadly be defined as using business theories and practices to address social issues. Social enterprises can take […]