Home Sweet Home

A picture is worth 1000 words! Check out the before and after houses in Popabaj. The shelter on the left was where a family of 5 was living until their new home was completed. The wife was so proud to show us her new home and how she converted her old home into a kitchen […]

Local Leaders

We are always so excited to see the way God works through our local leader partners. The programs and opportunities they create are so uniquely designed for their communities, it is hard not to see God’s hand at work. Brad Smith writes, “Often the reason we are surprised by the genius of community leaders is […]


In March, two baby girls were born in Popabaj. What is remarkable about these babies is their weight and health at birth. One weighed 7 pounds, the other 7 1/2 pounds! This is a first for Popabaj and is a testament to the nutrition and care the women and the children are receiving through the […]

Duncan Learning Center

The learning center is a strategically designed space. On the surface it might look like a basic tutoring or after school program, but to hear the tutors share their heart it is so much more. When the students first come in, the tutors spend time playing games and just being together. It is in that […]