The small village of Popabaj has become an incredible opportunity for us to walk with God discerning the difference between relief and development. Until just 2 years ago, no one outside the community had been there in 40 years. There were no outside resources, ideas, opportunities, or influence. This community was in a chronic situation […]

Vision Trips

For the Love of Missions is starting to plan our 2018 Vision Trips. We are calling Mission Trips Vision Trips because our trips are more than a mission trip. When you travel with us to Guatemala, your vision of mission, poverty alleviation, God, His work in the world, and His work in your own life […]

Mission Trips – Vision Trips

For the Love of Missions takes a different approach to mission trips than many organizations. In fact, we actually think of mission trips as vision trips, but even this term is not what you might think. We have heard of vision trips being an opportunity for people to travel and “catch the vision” of the […]