A Place for God

Friday evenings, the Por el Amor building is used for a youth group that meets every week. This youth group is focused on discipleship and leadership training. The intention is that the youth trained on Friday will multiply what they have learned and disciple and train others. Again, we are thankful to be able to provide space. Space for God to move. Space for God’s love and hope.Young Life.png

Positive Impact

Every space in the Por el Amor building is being put to good use. One room has been designated to teach carpentry skills. One of our ministry partners in Guatemala felt led to teach these skills to several men he is in relationship with, but he didn’t have a space to set up and store the needed tools. We are fortunate to have a room available to support this project. As the men learn the new skills, we pray employment and economic opportunities come to positively impact their families and their confidence and dignity grow as they develop skills in a specialized area.

_Bless all his skills, Lord, and bless the work of his hands..._Deut 33_11.png