Education is a critical aspect of breaking the cycle of poverty. We are so thankful that God has allowed 11 students to continue their education this school year through For the Love scholarships. We are hopeful for additional growth and education for these families and students in the years to come.

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Changing the Future

Public education is not free in Guatemala. In fact the cost of tuition, uniforms, books, shoes puts education out of reach for middle and high school students in the community around the garbage dump. There are many programs for preschool and elementary students but then the options disappear as they move to the next level of schooling. Families sometimes decide that instead of paying for school they would rather the children to find work and contribute to the income of the family. One of the primary objectives of the mentoring program is to transform this type of thinking which blocks long term hope and development. The scholarships go hand in hand with the mentoring program to hopefully change the family’s future.


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Game Time

One tutor explained the purpose behind playing games with students as a part of their tutoring session. He said you can ask a student how their day was, and you will get a short answer, but if you play a game and get to know them, you will start to hear more of both the challenges and successes the students experience each day. Ultimately building this relationship and being an encourager and support for the students is the most important aspect of the tutoring program.

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