Lasting Memories

The mentoring program recently took a field trip to the pool. The field trips are so important for the families. They get to see beautiful creation outside of the garbage dump community. They experience a day of recreation and relaxation. They spend time with their families building memories and bonds which keep them connected as they live in the challenging day to day of their lives. They build their dignity as they save and pay to participate in a field trip.

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Home Sweet Home

A picture is worth 1000 words! Check out the before and after houses in Popabaj. The shelter on the left was where a family of 5 was living until their new home was completed. The wife was so proud to show us her new home and how she converted her old home into a kitchen for her family. The wind is so strong in this village on the side of a mountain, but the new home provides relief from the elements. All the families whose homes have been completed thank everyone who made that possible!



Lucy has been working hard to support herself and her education for more years than she can remember. Without either parent, she didn’t want to be a burden on other family members so took the responsibility on herself. Last fall she was feeling discouraged in her goal to go to the university, until she connected with For the Love of Missions. She joined the mentoring program, received a scholarship to learn English, and now is one of the tutors in the learning center. She is overwhelmed by the timing. She said because of the scholarship she knows God loves her and cares about her future. She is excited to work with the children in the learning center because she knows she will have opportunities to share the love she has felt from God with them.

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Local Leaders

We are always so excited to see the way God works through our local leader partners. The programs and opportunities they create are so uniquely designed for their communities, it is hard not to see God’s hand at work. Brad Smith writes, “Often the reason we are surprised by the genius of community leaders is because we have blessed and equipped them and they have finally had an opportunity to flourish in ways God always intended.” Join us as we partner and empower local leaders to disciple their community to generational freedom in Christ.

Leaders become great because they have the ability to empowerothers by using their gifts and talents..png