Game on the Greens

The weather is beautiful and perfect for a game of golf.

For the Love of Missions golf tournament sign-ups and raffle are happening right now.  Visit our Facebook page and enter for your chance to win some incredible items.  Or if you love to play golf, sign up at  We would love to have you join us on the beautiful Hamilton Mill Golf Course on Monday, May 7th for some great food, fun and a game on the greens.

Raffle and Sign-ups end Sunday, May 6th

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In March, two baby girls were born in Popabaj. What is remarkable about these babies is their weight and health at birth. One weighed 7 pounds, the other 7 1/2 pounds! This is a first for Popabaj and is a testament to the nutrition and care the women and the children are receiving through the community center days. We pray for these babies and their community for health, opportunity and thriving relationships with Jesus.

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Something to Offer

The cooking program evolved out of the mentoring program. While the long-term plan is to equip each family to start their own small business selling food to the community, the short-term is a lot of fun also! To accommodate the limited space, just a couple of people from each family learn the lesson each week, but they are tasked to teach it to the rest of their family that week. This builds dignity and self worth as the individuals see they have something to offer and teach their family. Not to mention the joy of delicious treats created with simple and affordable ingredients that now provide the snack for the Saturday activities.

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