The Role of the Father

The families in the mentoring program started 2017 by hearing from speakers about the important role of both fathers and mothers in the family. Often these roles have been polluted by the challenges of daily life, we know this is true in the U.S., but it is especially true in the Guatemala City garbage dump […]

  On this day of remembering Martin Luther King Jr., we reflect on his many challenging teachings. This one is relevant to the work of For the Love of Missions from his sermon  “A Time to Break the Silence” (Riverside Church, New York, April 4, 1967). “We are called to play the Good Samaritan on life’s […]

Homeless Outreach

  The Por el Amor building in the Zone 3 garbage dump community is used by several individuals and organizations to serve the community. On Saturday afternoons, it is the location of homeless outreach. The homeless and addicted come to receive food, a shower, and love in the form of relationship and discipleship.

What the Mind Wants Most is Communion Not Explanation

2017 has started with some unexpected trials. Two of For the Love of Missions’ Board members have loved lost ones in the first 5 days of the year. Loss often causes us to reflect on love, family and faith. It has also caused us to reflect on our work in Guatemala and whatever difficult places […]

Mentoring Program- Dignity grows through experience

Since the mentoring program began in November, the families have been looking forward to going to a restaurant during the holidays. For many, this trip will be their first experience going to a table dining restaurant. In preparation for the experience, they spent a few hours learning the proper etiquette for using silverware and table […]

Mentoring Program, Part 2

The first phase started on November 5, 2016 with 8 families. All of these families are known by the mentors as families who have worked to transform the generational cycles of poverty but are still struggling. They are families who want a different future for their children, and are willing to put in time and […]

Mentoring Program, Part 1

In addition to the building use supporting the idea of community development, For The Love Of Missions is excited to announce the start of a Mentoring Program in the zone 3 garbage dump community. This mentoring program and all that it entails was developed by three people who grew up in the community. All three […]