Something to Offer

The cooking program evolved out of the mentoring program. While the long-term plan is to equip each family to start their own small business selling food to the community, the short-term is a lot of fun also! To accommodate the limited space, just a couple of people from each family learn the lesson each week, […]

Joy Feeds Hope

Play is such a critical part of life for children in all cultures. The children in Popabaj face a lot of daily challenge, but they are able to come together during the community center days to learn and play. Their sweet giggles and playful voices are powerful to bring hope.

Duncan Learning Center

The learning center is a strategically designed space. On the surface it might look like a basic tutoring or after school program, but to hear the tutors share their heart it is so much more. When the students first come in, the tutors spend time playing games and just being together. It is in that […]

You Can Help

We are looking for Spanish fiction books of all reading levels. The Duncan Learning Center in our building in the Guatemala City garbage dump community is now open to students from elementary to college. We are hoping to supplement the resources in the library. Children of all reading levels can check out books from this […]

Investment of Discipleship

Discipleship is a process. Our salvation comes the instant we believe, but being a disciple is a life-long journey. The local leaders in Guatemala know this and see discipleship as an investment of time and relationship. They disciple the families in the mentoring program every week as they spend time together. Over time the mentors […]

Unique Dynamics

Why does For the Love of Missions empower local leaders to disciple their communities? We have learned that the best people to impact a community are those who understand the unique dynamics. For example, the creators and mentors of the mentoring program all grew up or lived in the Guatemala City garbage dump community. They […]