Come See the Vision

This is hilarious! It is why we take our Vision Trips so seriously. A For the Love of Missions Vision Trip will truly change you vision for how God works in the world and in your own life. If you are interested, don’t forget to enter the raffle on our Facebook page for a $50 […]

Creative Potential

Sometimes it is human nature to judge the ability or creative capacity of someone based on the environment around them. For these boys growing up in the Guatemala City garbage dump community, many fellow Guatemalans have discounted their potential. How often do we do the same thing? Think about missions and outreaches in your circle […]

God has preceded us

One of the primary beliefs of For The Love of Missions is that God is working in all communities. We believe He is moving in people and circumstances in all places all the time. He is not waiting on us to come, but when we do come we can listen and follow where He is […]

Pastor Rudy and his family minister to the homeless and addicted in the garbage dump community and throughout Guatemala City. Their ministry Sigo Vivo (Still Alive) not only does outreach at the For the Love Building in the garbage dump community, but they also host “church on the streets”. Church on the streets is a […]