One-Way Giving

So much of the current charity model culture is based on one- way giving. Non-materially poor people giving something to materially poor people. This happens in the United States and throughout the world on international mission trips. Something harmful can happen though when this model continues over and over in situations of chronic (on-going) poverty. […]


Paternalism is a result of faulty views of poverty (broken relationships). Paternalism can be summed up as doing things for people that they can do for themselves. In a paternalistic relationship there is a parental figure, often the non-materially poor, and a child figure, often the materially poor. Paternalism reinforces unhealthy self-images of all involved, […]

Ministry of Presence

One of the reasons For The Love of Missions supports local leaders in their vision for their community is because they are living out a ministry of presence in their communities. A ministry of presence takes time (sometimes lots of time) to allow relationships to grow organically and not be forced. The Guatemalan leaders we […]

Mission Trips 2017

Are you ready to go on a mission trip in 2017? Exciting things are happening with For the Love of Missions and these trips are your opportunity to see and feel what God is doing in person. We are¬†finalizing our teams for the remaining 3 scheduled trips of 2017. Connect with the team contact to […]