New Equipment

This press and mold were purchased by Javier with the business loan he received from For the Love of Missions. Previously each piece of leather was meticulously cut out by hand. Just this simple change from hand cutting to machine pressing has added much time to Javier’s day. This extra time can be used to […]

Shop For A Cause

Jewelry, Purses, Everything is 50% OFF at                 This sale can be combined with a 20% OFF coupon code. Sign up at All sales support our mission in Guatemala!

Another really interesting blog post. Bob Lupton is the author of Toxic Charity and Charity Detox and founder of Focused Community Strategies. He writes here about a new and needed focus in mission activities. While For the Love of Missions does not fit into all these check boxes, it is always good to get confirmation that our […]

Deny Yourself

This blog post by Craig Greenfield is an important challenge to traditional mission models. For the Love of Missions tries to embrace the role explained by Craig as we empower local leaders in their vision of how to best disciple and transform their communities.

Making Disciples through Economic Development

In all For the Love of Missions does, we partner with Christians leading in their own communities. This is Javier and his wife Silvia. While Javier is the small business owner who received the first loan in For the Love of Missions Economic Development program, he and his wife are also worship leaders in their […]

SME’s and Poverty Alleviation

One of the biggest challenges in areas of material poverty is availability and access to stable jobs. This affects all parts of a community because with little income coming in all businesses suffer. One of the contributors to this lack of stable employment is that many in areas of material poverty are micro businesses which […]

Javier’s Jade Work

The beautiful jade used on Javier’s leather bags takes care and attention to detail to cut, polish and create the right piece for each finished product. This video shows a quick snapshot of the process each piece goes through. Javier is an entrepreneur in Antigua, Guatemala. He has been able to improve his products because […]