Social Entrepreneurship

Javier is an entrepreneur in Guatemala. For the Love of Missions is pursuing social entrepreneurship to further our mission of Transforming Generational Cycles of Poverty to Ignite Hope and Value in the Name of Jesus. Social entrepreneurship can broadly be defined as using business theories and practices to address social issues. Social enterprises can take […]

A Turning Point for Guatemala?

On Thursday September 3, 2015,  the president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina, resigned from office in the midst of fraud and corruption allegations. His vice president, Roxanna Baldetti, resigned from office in May and is currently in jail for her involvement in the scandal. They have been accused of fraud and receiving millions of dollars in bribe money. Unfortunately, corruption […]


It is a blessing to be a part of For the Love’s Ministry, where I can have a decent job and I can supply for my basic needs to be able to keep on going in the midst of difficulties that I can find in life. At this job we read daily devotionals. This is […]